- ModaCine Fashion Film Festival, San Francisco

MODACINE presents Year 2: Retrofuturotika: An Evening of Fashion Film in Dystopia.
Find yourself in robotic love of fashion & film.

Welcome to ModaCine Fashion Film Festival, San Francisco. This is year 2 now and we are continuing our efforts to bring you one of the most amazing events to date in our beautiful city. Our team of dedicated fashion and film professionals are working hard this year to create the only festival of it's kind; moldable, bendable, a vessel by which we create the design and fashion it to what it will be.

Those that are ready and waiting for this project to happen are dedicated individuals in the San Francisco art and fashion industries. With our theme, "RETROFUTUROTIKA" we are also including tech elements into the mix in which I will be integrating innovative ways of displaying this event as well as broadcasting it throughout the known universe.

Thank you for your consideration.

Warren Difranco Hsu 
Director/Curator ModaCine Fashion Film Festival
ModaCine Films

email us at: hautemoda@modacine.com

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We are not only a highly dedicated team of festival producers.... we are a team of fashion professionals and.... filmmakers. In fashion film, fashion is essential and in fashion film, standards of the film community are also essential in our process. Together, we are here to carefully define the role of fashion film, not just as a fashion event showing fashion short film, ModaCine is also community that embraces the standards and long-term commitment necessary for a solid filmmaking foundation to exist.

As Director of ModaCine Fashion Film Festival in San Francisco, I ask that you participate in helping us create something symbolic of our love of both fashion and film while building something that will stand the test of time; something even drama cannot topple.

I invite you to help me to continue to define fashion film as we strengthen the groundwork for this amazing fashion film festival called ModaCine….. Wouldn't it be amazing, San Francisco once again leading the world in setting trends for fashion. Now is the opportunity.

1) A fashion film should first serve its purpose as an advertisement for the fashion in it, however, not to confuse it with a commercial.  

2) The fashion film, should be in its essence a film.  I think a good fashion film pays homage to the body and inspires a mind that expresses the style of fashion, be it experimental or narrative fashion film.  It needs to respect the human body as its vessel or the living mannequin and tell a story with it.  

3) Fashion film should harbor a revolutionary impact and is not just a film with fashion in it.

Words really can’t describe the experience at the ModaCine Fashion Film Festival; you’ll just have to experience it yourself.

Thank you for your warm consideration and support for ModaCine Fashion Film Festival.

Warren Difranco and the team at ModaCine Films, thanks you.

For volunteer inquiries, please email us at: hautemoda@modacine.com

Warren Difranco
Program Director/Curator
e. hautemoda@modacine.com

Sara Dashty
Executive Producer/ Key Makeup and Hair Designer

e. sara_dashty@yahoo.com



Obsolete Model, directed by Warren Difranco of ModaCine is Officially Selected to screen at Mercedes Benz BOKEH Fashion Film Festival in South Africa!

Artful Gentleman: Notorious

Phoenix Fashion Week

ModaCine designs International Fashion Film Program for Montreal Fashion Week brought to you by Sensation Mode, Canada and Target

ModaCine directs and produces successful KickStarter video campaign for menswear company Artful Gentleman.

ModaCine fashion show promotional campaigns for SNOW2, 3 and 4 and runway videography by Warren Difranco.

ModaCine Year One San Francisco International Fashion Film Festival

The Collection Promotional Fashion Film inspired by William Klein.

Directed by Iris Almaraz and Gustavo Ramos, Warren Difranco's first feature film project role as Director of Photography and Cinematographer with AnnMarie Piette, screened at over 20 film festivals worldwide including screenings in Seattle's True Independent Film Festival, New York City Independent Film Festival, Cine+Mas San Francisco Latino Film Festival and the very prestigious Cinequest.

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